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ERPchain is a decentralized platform for ERP,
block consultants and employers

What is ERPchain?

a decentralized platform for ERP professionals and business customers to create new protocols (EDI, IoT, MDM) and technologies for ERP systems.
Token distribution structure:
- complex and expensive EDI data exchange processes.
- digitalization of ERP-systems.
- migration of non-cloud systems
- a platform that connects EDI, IoT, MDM consultants and ERP customers
- creation of desktop and mobile version of the system
- formation of a reserve of specialists who are able to create the latest solutions for ERP-systems
- development of new protocols and solutions
- DAO organization creation
- ERP specialist, EDI data exchange and blockchain in one place for solving complex problems.
- ERP and business systems market:
- IoT data market
- fees from the creation of training, consulting and information materials.
- fees from the sale of solutions and advice.

Road map

 04/19/2018 - 08/26/2018 
 09/20/2018 - 03/20/2019 
 08/19/2019 - 08/19/2020 


Read our White paper. It reflects the advantages of ERPTOKEN, the market problems we solve, the goals and objectives of the project.


How to buy ERPT?

1. download wallet here
2. install and create account
3. to buy ERPtoken you need Ether. You can do it in online exchengefor example here
4. after you buy ether you need send it to adress 0xaC75b7eFeAA6D1c6306d0B644f2247f7729bFDAF

ERPCHAIN: what kind of project?

Our goal is to create a platform that will work quickly and will be understandable for users of any gadgets. Users will be able to receive revenue in the form of released tokens and dispose of them not only within the service, but also modify to fiat money or other crypto currency.
For companies, we minimize the cost of EDI, we will ensure the transfer of master data to the distributed registry, through integration with all known ERP-systems and make IOT information in the block. This will allow each platform participant to take advantage of all the functionality of the platform.

Official website:

Name of the ERPToken token
Ticker ERPT
The number of 250,000,000
Ethereum Platform

How ERPToken works?

ERPToken is developed on the basis of the Etherium blockchain technology.
This currency can be purchased on the basis of any exchange rate (Eth, Btc, etc.) or fiat currency (RUR, EUR, USD).

Any ERPTOKEN owner can sell it using exchangers, invest in a project or purchase another crypto currency. ERPTOKEN can also be on your electronic wallet and multiply your income, thanks to the growth of its exchange rate due to speculation.

What market problems does ERPCHAIN solve?

Today, businesses have to implement and maintain their MDM systems. This requires significant financial, time and labor resources. Also, companies spend millions of dollars to transfer information to each other, using the services of EDI-providers.
We decided to create a platform on which data flows and information flows will be collected, a single registry will be created. All this will be stored on the blockroom and each participant of the platform will be able to take advantage of this. This will significantly reduce the financial, time and labor costs for the implementation of MDM and eliminate the need to use EDI-providers.

Digital markets are platforms that connect suppliers and consumers of sets and data streams, providing high quality, consistency and security. Data providers allow the market to license their information on their behalf in accordance with certain conditions. Consumers can play a dual role by providing data back to the market. Third parties can offer solutions with added value over the data offered by the market. We create a protocol that records this data in the blockroom. Any platform user can find and use the necessary data.
We have created a platform on which ERP consultants can sell their articles, consult in their field and gain new knowledge. This is a new opportunity to monetize experience and contacts.
Now, if you have a question about a specific task, you will be able to find a qualified mentor who will help.
ERPCHAIN allows you to pay for materials, consulting on-line, completed work of consultants. The platform unites customers and executors of ERP.

Why blockchain?

Storing data in a distributed network on the server, guarantees free access to the history of contracts and information about participants in the consultation system. Unlike the traditional database system, the block is available for verification to each participant in the network, in this approach there is no third party responsible for maintaining the history of contracts, the consultation rules and the payment system are agreed in advance on the basis of a smart contract, which guarantees the transparency of the entire process. Accounts and the history of contracts of network participants can not be lost as a result of an accidental failure or because of malicious intent, as the very principle of building a decentralized network of detachment guarantees data safety and stability of the entire system to failures. Also, the technology of blocking is a ready-made platform for payment for consulting services.

What are the main advantages of using the blockchain technology in our case?

● When moving funds between accounts using traditional payment methods, the cost of performing the transaction will be up to 10% of the transaction amount. Taking into account international transfer fees It even can be higher. The cost of performing transactions in the blockchain can vary from 0.01 to 0.03%. This, when transferring large sums, creates great savings. This is possible only in blockchain.
● Time of transactions is reduced significantly. With traditional payment methods, the transaction time can reach up to 3 business days. With the technology of blockchain, the transaction time is minimized.
● Free interaction with freelancers and customers in different countries of the world, there is no need to create new entities, the movement of crypto-currency is not regulated at the state level and does not need to be formalized.
● Now blockchain technology replaces centralized client-server architectures.
● Ability to use the already existing and developed infrastructure of the Ethereum platform. However, there is no need to create its own infrastructure, which would lead to additional costs, both time and financial.
● Decentralized systems allow crowdfunding campaigns using crypto-currency assets. Additional funding can be obtained through the crypto-currency community. The concept of mining is directly related to the technology of blocking. Thanks to the process of mining, both on the principle of proof of stake and the principle of proof of work, new coins can be created and distributed among the members of the community.
● As today blockchain is developing, new platforms like Ethereum are being created. This leads to healthy competition, which leads to a reduction in commissions for transactions, the timing of transactions and the improvement of the platforms.

How are tokens distributed?

The project team and the initial investors are rewarded in the ERPT tokens.
Partners attracting users to the service will also be offered a reward in the ERPT tokens.
5% Bounty
10% of investors
15% team
70% development of the project

Bounty campaign. What is it made of?

Distribution of tokens:
39% (9,750,000 ERPT) Signature & Avatar Campaign
26% (6 500 000 ERPT) Content creation
20% (5 000 000 ERPT) Social media, incl .: Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, WeChat
15% (3,750,000 ERPT) Translation and moderation

Telegram group members (RU EN EN): 3500+
Twitter: 3500+ followers
Youtube: 2000+ subscribers
Official ANN Thread: 50+ pages
Youtube: 2000+ subscribers
Reddit: 150+ followers
Facebook: 1000+ subscribers
Medium: 150+ followers

On bounty allocated 25 million ERPT.
During the advertising campaign you can get an award for the following actions:
– Activity in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, WeChat)
– Publications in blogs and news sites.
– Subscription to news and registration on the site.
– Translation and creation of materials and moderation of forums.
– Avatar-campaign in the forum Bitcointalk
More details you can find in White Paper.


Start 02.2017
Pre-sale 04/19/2018 – 05/10/2018
Development of mobile application 07.2018
ICO 1 08/20/2018 – 09/28/2018
Creating a community on 05/30/2019
ICO 2 August 19, 2019 – August 30,2019
Creation of universal protocols

Our team

Usov Dmitry The founder of the project
Kurenkov Maxim Integration Architect, Founder
Cheremina Tatiana SMM
Pavel Kupriyanovsky Commercial director
Alexander Kiriyenko Blockchain senior development
Ruslan Garifullin Programmer C AQs
Elena Nisenbaum Marketing director

Latest blog articles

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IoT is concept of a computer network of physical "things" equipped with built-in technologies to interact with each other or with the external environment. It considers the organization of such networks as a phenomenon capable of restructuring economic and social processes, excluding from the part of actions and operations the need for human participation.
More July 6, 2018 a meeting of the project team took place. The theme was a mobile application
July 6, 2018 a meeting of the project team took place. The theme was a mobile application. We conclusively verified the interface and functions of the application. We discussed the visualization of the mobile application.
More July 24, 2018 our team held a meeting. The theme of the meeting was the finalization of the functional of the mobile application of the project
The developers presented the current version of the mobile application and collectively we identified the possibilities for improving the functionality. The main goal of the application is to create a simple and intuitive interface. This is necessary for convenient use by any user without the big time expenses.
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